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  • Community Events

    Lets Meetup and Say YES! to a Movie

    2017 Year of YES! Challenge

    Join us as we enjoy the movie:EAT PRAY LOVE. We’ll provide the movie and the popcorn, andYou provide the Lively discussion on the movieand the theme of the month: Self Love. - Rev. Drea

    Workshop: Body Armor FREE

    Marietta Preppers Networking Group

    We will be hosting a workshop for Ballistic Armor Defense & Equipment on the latest in Body Armor, steel, ceramics, ballistics and much more!  Warren, the owner of BAD&E will be speaking on why you need Body Armor and what to expect when first...

    D&D 5e Sunday Madness! Tables 1 - AL Legal - Out of the Abyss.

    The Atlanta Gamers Guild

    ************************************************************ You must RSVP to attended this meet up. Any players who show up without RSVP'ing will have to wait till all RSVP'ed player have arrived before being assigned a seat at this table. If...